Our Mission

We hope  to raise money to donate to charitable causes inline with Jim's interests and beliefs.  

Jim was an avid camper and lover of the great outdoors. He supported Patagonia Works charities as well as those that helped support people less fortunate than he was. 

Camping to Connect is a Patagonia Works supported organization that takes young men out of America's cities and immerses them in nature.  Research shows that access and interaction with nature is an integral part to the healthy mental, physical and emotional growth for children. Unfortunately, regular access to nature and wild spaces is often limited for children in urban communities. Camping to Connect's goal is to help break that barrier and provide access to and understanding of the natural world for young men from urban areas.  You can learn more here: Camping to Connect 

A main goal as well of this Fund, is to provide support through a scholarship. As of 2023, we have created a scholarship with both the Manhasset High School and Paul D. Schreiber High school. Each year, a graduating senior from both schools will receive a scholarship from this Memorial Fund. This will be awarded to a student that has experienced the loss of a parent, guardian or sibling. Or who has had to deal with grief and loss in a manner they've had to overcome while continuing their education. Grief can be lonely and feel alienating. With this scholarship, there are no essay requirements, no grade restrictions etc., it is aimed to let those students know they are not alone and we see them and understand. 

Jim was always focused on supporting those around him, preparing for any scenario to make sure his loved ones were taken care of. With this Fund, we hope to spread that support to others who may not have or ever had a Jim in their life to guide, protect or plan for them.